She gets up in the morning with confidence exuding from every pore. Delighted in what they day might bring, she puts together a bold outfit without a hint of hesitation. A disapproving look would only amuse her, as she embraces the very things about her that society might reject. There’s no need to take a final glance in the mirror before heading out, appearance the least of her concern.

Unplagued by fear or anxiety, every interaction with another human being is effortless. She looks for any opportunity to make conversation, though the people are drawn to her like magnets. Never afraid to speak her mind, never doubting, never crippled by the fear of what all could go wrong. She doesn’t live for those moments, she lives for this one. She lives for now. Never worrying what the next minute could bring, she lives fearlessly.

Spreading laughter and optimism wherever she goes, nothing could challenge her morale, for she knows who she is, she likes who she is, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

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